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Bagi sesiapa yang selalu layari Blog CeriteraKejora, mungkin you all familiar dengan coretan dan bebelan i hehe. But now, Blog ini Hana Fave Stuff menawarkan perkhidmatan yang berbeza. I nak share something yang i suka at the moment. It covers everything, from clothes, shoes, bags, VCD/DvDs, Books, Jewelries and lots more... and yang menariknya you all semua are welcome to view and buy!!! Okay, barangan yang i jual terdiri dari 2 category, 1) New Items 2) 2nd hand Item/ Preloved which is still in very a good conditions. I will indicate if barang yang i jual itu dari dalam atau luar negara. I will hand pick barangan tu sendiri. At times it would be my personal items that i jual as a 2nd hand. So you don't have to worry about the quality. So all you beautifull people out there, get ready for your, and i quote Husna's word RETAIL THERAPHY...!!!!!


All Items are Available if there is no Sign of (SOLD) indicated or otherwise the Item's picture(s) will be taken out to avoid any means of confusion. Thanks!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MOreee 2nd Hand VCDs & DvDs For Saleee!!!!

Hi Guys...these are the 2nd installment of my cheap VCDs & DvDs for Saleeeee!!!!!!!!!! Grabbb while still in stockk!!!!
My Sassy Girl
Original Korean VCD Baught at RM 16
Selling at RM 5

Sky Of Love (2002) still in Plastic!!
Original Chinese Movie
Baught at RM 7.90 on Sale!!
Selling at RM 4

KYO Samurai Deeper Chap 1-26 End
Original Japanese Anime 8 Disc
Baught at RM 17
Selling at RM 10

Ghajini- Hindi Movie VCD
Baught at RM 14
Selling at RM 7

Naohito Fujiki Original Single 1999-2000
Baught at RM 29 during Sale!!
Selling at RM 10

BUY Utada Hikaru's Single Can You Keep A Secret
and get Kinki Kids Original Collection for Free!!
(Buy 1 Free 1)= RM 6

Kismat Konnection Hindi Movie
Baught at RM 14
Selling at RM 7
SIVAJI Original VDC Tamil Movie ( with Malay Subs)
Baught at RM 26.90
Selling at RM 10
Mere Jeevan Saathi Original Hindi Movie
Baught at RM17.90
Selling at RM 7

BUY Epic Gilgamesh Original Japanese Anime
and get Tak Matsumoto Original Rock Album for Free!!
(Buy 1 Free 1 )= RM 10


  1. hai Hud..u boleh guess tak i ni sapa?someone from Stafford,UK has viewed your blog.hehe..weh,cite tamil tamau la,aku tgh carik Baghban(Amitabh Bachan) nak buat collection.kalau ada aku beli taw.tp gimana mau beli & pos?

  2. Hi...alamak Baghban takde la. Tapi kalau Cite Amitabh yang lain ada la. I ada satu ni Amar Akhbar & Anthony...classic gitew hahaha. Boleh jek, guna postage tapi mahal cikit la charge dia.

  3. waa,mmg klasik pon.lama nih cari cite baghban nk download pun xde subtitle.btw,nice stuff hud.nnti aku akan slalu view blog ko. :)

  4. Thakx Ninie...hehehe taking care ye...miss ya!!