Hai Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Bagi sesiapa yang selalu layari Blog CeriteraKejora, mungkin you all familiar dengan coretan dan bebelan i hehe. But now, Blog ini Hana Fave Stuff menawarkan perkhidmatan yang berbeza. I nak share something yang i suka at the moment. It covers everything, from clothes, shoes, bags, VCD/DvDs, Books, Jewelries and lots more... and yang menariknya you all semua are welcome to view and buy!!! Okay, barangan yang i jual terdiri dari 2 category, 1) New Items 2) 2nd hand Item/ Preloved which is still in very a good conditions. I will indicate if barang yang i jual itu dari dalam atau luar negara. I will hand pick barangan tu sendiri. At times it would be my personal items that i jual as a 2nd hand. So you don't have to worry about the quality. So all you beautifull people out there, get ready for your, and i quote Husna's word RETAIL THERAPHY...!!!!!


All Items are Available if there is no Sign of (SOLD) indicated or otherwise the Item's picture(s) will be taken out to avoid any means of confusion. Thanks!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Fave Stuffs @ the Moment

From Blog: little-iro-iro.blogspot.com

From Blog : littlemomoka.blogspot.com

Minta Ampun ~~

Salam ~

Memang dah lama tak update Blog ni...Coz at the moment takde barang yang on stock...dah lama tak ke luar untuk meng-re-stock kan barang2 yang comel2 hahaha. But i will update the things that i like at the moment. Sesaje share....hopefully you enjoy!!!

From the Blog: dapurkuntum.blogspot.com

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sutera Chiffon Free Lining!!

WoW...Merah memang fave color i
This is Chiffon Silk + Lining sekali.
i memang sengaja pilih lining merah juga coz memang naik color dia
Sesiapa yang berkenan, it's for Sale @ RM 200


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kasa Rubiah...sagttt Chantek okkkk

Kuning Manis

Ok...Ini i punya Kain Kasa Rubiah. Memang Chantek...
Kuning lemak ketam bersama bunga pink terang,
so bila dah jadi baju sggtt chantek
Only 1 piece aje in hand
For Sale @ RM 75

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Affordable Sweet Cottons for Grabs!!!

Thank You for Your Supports!!!!! ALL SOLD OUT
Hi Beautiful People!!!!!!!!
I know it's been awhile...i'm having a cheap sale for the cottons under my collection! I love cottons don't get me wrong. I just wanna share with you my fave stuff at the moment. I'm just over the sewing stuff....put aside...and now, i'm back with my cloths. Anyone interested...please don't be shy....


Summer Flower - SOLD OUT to Anum

Peaches - Sold to Anis, Ayun & Jija

Earthy Beige - Sold to Anis, Ayun & Jija

Spring Red

Blue Autumn - Sold to Anis, Ayun & Jija


Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Sewing craft Items...From Little-iro-iro

1) This one is Azalea Pink Stripe

2) This one called Jaja - a coin purse


Hi Beautifull people!!!!!

Currently tak ada nice things yang i nak publishkan. I currently tengah sangat into sewing products...which i found very nice and affordable. I dah beli beberapa barangan daripada Little iro-Iro and the it came out veryyyyy Nice and i kept on staring at it.

Baru-baru ni i order dengan Kak Liza, owner of iro-iro, i bought 2 Baby Jue Tote Organizer bags and prev i bought i pouch and 1 coin bag. Hasilnya sangat memuaskan. Thanks Kak Liza!!

So here is the sneak peak of the things i love most at the moment!!!!

1) Yang White Sweet Baby Jue ni untuk Baby Tia Zahraa
2) This one is mine..hehehe

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Satin Embroidery Pouch ~

Hi, again...these i also bought from Beijing. It's a soft Clutch Pouch with minies inside. The minies are tissue holder & coin purse.


100 % Pashmina Shawl ~

I Just came back from Beijing. So, these i bought from there. I love the designs and the material is veryyy soft...

2 Colors Blue & Pink
RM 25 Only for each!!!

Pink ( Sold to Ally )
Blue ( Sold to Liyana)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

~ A Lovely Sunset over Cyberjaya

I took this picture as i drove out from my office compound....cool eh?!

Luncheon At Garden One Utama ~

Fida shared her Christmast Choco with all of us...and that is the BOX. I found the Choc at last, selling at Cold Storage

Card Designs & Decors at Kino KLCC

I really Love this...sweet right?!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding of the Year~

My Bestfriends are getting Married...All 3 in a ROW! This year gonna be exciting...Just can't wait till the BIG Day!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Amongst My Fave Things ~

Hello Everyone~..!!!!

Dah lama tak update my Hana Fave Stuff because i'm quite preoccupied with Ceritera Kejora....drop by if you guys have the time...you all are most welcome!!!

Right now...i don't have much to show you guys the stuffs that i like at the moment...hmmm

Mostly just boxes that i've collected....heres a few!!! Kawaiii neee....

And some of my private stuff for a sneak peak...shhhh

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kain Cotton Jepun & Lace

Hijau- Cotton Jepun 4m -RM 120 - SOLD
Biru Cair - Cotton Jepun 4m -RM 130 - SOLD
Lace Hitam dari Bandung 4m- RM 55 Available

Purses From Bali

These are BRAND NEW purses that i bought during my Trip to Bali in June 2009.They are Heavy Beaded Purses & hand stitched...It's available for Grabs at only RM 18 eachhh!!!

Beige Pouch-Out of Stock - Sold
Green Heavy Beaded - Sold to Monie
Red,Black & White - Available

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MOreee 2nd Hand VCDs & DvDs For Saleee!!!!

Hi Guys...these are the 2nd installment of my cheap VCDs & DvDs for Saleeeee!!!!!!!!!! Grabbb while still in stockk!!!!
My Sassy Girl
Original Korean VCD Baught at RM 16
Selling at RM 5

Sky Of Love (2002) still in Plastic!!
Original Chinese Movie
Baught at RM 7.90 on Sale!!
Selling at RM 4

KYO Samurai Deeper Chap 1-26 End
Original Japanese Anime 8 Disc
Baught at RM 17
Selling at RM 10

Ghajini- Hindi Movie VCD
Baught at RM 14
Selling at RM 7

Naohito Fujiki Original Single 1999-2000
Baught at RM 29 during Sale!!
Selling at RM 10

BUY Utada Hikaru's Single Can You Keep A Secret
and get Kinki Kids Original Collection for Free!!
(Buy 1 Free 1)= RM 6

Kismat Konnection Hindi Movie
Baught at RM 14
Selling at RM 7
SIVAJI Original VDC Tamil Movie ( with Malay Subs)
Baught at RM 26.90
Selling at RM 10
Mere Jeevan Saathi Original Hindi Movie
Baught at RM17.90
Selling at RM 7

BUY Epic Gilgamesh Original Japanese Anime
and get Tak Matsumoto Original Rock Album for Free!!
(Buy 1 Free 1 )= RM 10